L'Initiation D'une Femme Mariee. Sc.1

L'Initiation D'une Femme Mariee. Sc.1 Video

4 months ago
Scene 1. LES BAS de SOIE NOIRE (THE BLACK SILK STOCKINGS) Patricia's mother sends her 19 year-old daughter (Christine Black) to Vincent (Ghislain Van Hove), a man who in the past took part in the mother's education into womanhood. Patricia's education comes at the hands of her French maid (Elisabeth Bure), butlers and by watching Vincent's wild parties through a 1-way mirror. The women of the parties must wear black stockings in order to indulge in the debauchery. One day Patricia feels it's time for her to don the stockings...This classic directed by Burd Tranbaree also stars Cathy Stewart, Dominique Saint Claire, Mika Barthel, Christina Maffei, Nicole Segaud and Laura Claire.