Les Vices Caches D'eva Blue. Sc.3

Les Vices Caches D'eva Blue. Sc.3 Video

4 months ago
Scene 3. Here, Eva Powry excels as a nymphomaniac who takes every opportunity to have sex with her lover (a senior manager, by the way). In an underground parking lot, in an office or on the carpet at home. They caress each other, forgetting about tomorrow. But this pleasure is not enough for two little perverts. They are also making a film about their sexual antics. Eva Blue (Eva in Blue) returns home. The film projector begins its promotion. In horror, she sees herself making love in especially obscene positions. The phone rings...Particularly evocative is this Machiavellian gem, concocted by Francis Leroy, who was applauded by eager crowds when he debuted in Paris. It was April 25, 1979 in the Alfa-France studio cinemas.